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Avvistamento Cetacei
Whale Watching
One-day excursion to admire dolphins and whales closely.
Le 5 Terre via mare
Cinque Terre from the sea
Enjoy Liguria from the sea on board of our vessels.
S. Fruttuoso e Portofino
San Fruttuoso and Portofino
One-day excursion to San Fruttuoso and Portofino, with departure from Genoa, Savona etc..

Night excursions

Gite Notturne

Night excursions departing from Genova Porto Antico:

RAPALLO Fireworks
Departure date: 3 July 2015
Timetable: 20.45

SORI Fireworks
Departure date: 15 August 2015
Timetable: 21.30

RECCO Fireworks
Departure dates: 7 September and 8 September 2015
Timetable: 21.00

Night excursions departing from Savona:

RECCO Fireworks
Departure date: 7 September 2015
Timetable: 20.00

Night excursions departing from Varazze:

RECCO Fireworks
Departure date: 7 September 2015
Timetable: 20.30

Night excursions departing from Genova Pegli:

RECCO Fireworks
Departure date: 8 September 2015
Timetable: 20.45

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