San Fruttuoso and Portofino
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San Fruttuoso and Portofino

This excursion includes a stop and a free visit to San Fruttuoso and then onward with a local boat to Portofino, returning to the departure ports in the late afternoon. As indicated on the departure schedule of each boarding point, on some dates the excursion comprises of a direct route to Portofino, without a stop at San Fruttuoso.

Liguria seen from the sea is beautiful!

With this day trip, you will forget about traffic and long waits in the car and admire the beauty of the coast: small villages that alternate with the most significant towns, as well as beaches and coves where you can appreciate the colour of the sea in all shades of blue.

San Fruttuoso

There are no roads to get there, only a few paths to walk on in the shade of dense vegetation. Our boat docks at an exclusive landing pier, next to a small beach where tourists can swim and enjoy a coffee in the small bar overlooking the sea.

You can visit the famous Abbey of San Fruttuoso, a humble former home of fishermen, which later transformed into a pirate hideout and then finally became the property of the Doria Genoese princes. You can visit the entire monastery including the Cloister, the Sala Capitolare and the Church.

Other smaller boats, which you can contact directly on site, allow you to admire CHRIST OF THE ABYSS, a towering statue protecting scuba divers, located 17 meters below the surface of the sea.


It is the most famous and prestigious village of Liguria, full of fashionable shops and known for its local businesses with outdoor areas overlooking the small, public square. The charming Castello Brown can be visited, surrounded by a Mediterranean garden full of flowers, roses and pergolas, accessible via the stairway to the Church of Saint George in the direction of the peninsula and the lighthouse.


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