Weddings on board
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Weddings on board

If you want to organize unique and original celebrations for weddings and civil unions, why not do it in a beautiful boat that cut through the quiet waters of Genoa and the Riviera, equipped to accommodate up to 150 guests and offer impeccable bouffet, cocktails, lunches and dinners? Consorzio Liguria Via Mare offers you the chance to surprise your guests with an unforgettable reception.

Spaces and capacity

During the day and at night the view from the sea of ??Genoa and the Riviera offers glimpses of great charm, creating an evocative scenario in continuous change that will add a special atmosphere to your event.

The motorboats of the Consorzio Liguria Via Mare are equipped to host beautiful receptions, unique, romantic and unrepeatable events.

Spacious, warm and elegant, they have comfortable tables where to organize cocktails, bouffet or banquet, able to accommodate easily up to 150 people. You can choose, according to your needs and your tastes, the best boat for your reception.

The advantage of choosing these boats is that they can be used in any weather condition, if the sea conditions are not optimal, you have the possibility of navigating in Genoa, in the always calm waters of the largest Mediterranean port for over 15 kilometers of coastline.

Offered services

You will be free to choose your trusted catering and your musicians and entertainers, the ship’s staff will be at your complete disposal to offer you valuable advice on the organization of the reception, working to make the permanence of your guests a pleasant experience to remember.

The boat offers impeccable service at very advantageous prices that vary with respect to time of use, day or night, midweekly or weekends, etc.

We are also the only company in Italy to offer Whale Watching Wedding, a unique experience that makes the wedding day even more exclusive!

Our boats can also be hired for organizing birthday parties or company meetings.

To request a quote you must write to, specifying the place of embarkation and disembarkation, the date of the event, the approximate start and end times and the expected number of participants.


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